Short Fiction by Patrick Anderson Jr.

Ace of Spades – An astronaut finds himself one of two people stuck on the International Space Station as Earth is destroyed by war below them

Deserted – A soldier returns from Iraq to find a few subtle changes in his previous watering holes

Fitting – Two brothers try to find their parents in a mall and encounter a few difficulties

Good Help is Hard to Find – A hitman with multiple personality disorder is accompanied by his alter ego on a job

Helter Skelter – Step inside the mind of Sharon Tate on the infamous night Charles Manson’s “family” brutally murdered her and three others…

In a Flash – Two brothers have a conversation over drinks at a bar with explosive results

Jaded – A unique relationship develops between an author and the heroine of his story…if only the hero wasn’t getting in the way…

Loose – A man tries to figure out how to live — and live with himself — after his wife leaves him

Nobody Knows, Nola – A man and woman argue at a table in a restaurant…and then things get weird…

Predatory – A thief steals from the wrong convenience store then hops into the wrong taxi, and suddenly find himself in the wrong area…

Standard Operating Procedure – Everybody runs their house differently…some more different than others…

Stew – A husband is about to murder his wife with poisoned stew when he has a change of heart…

The Consumers – Follow the attendants of a makeshift courtroom held in a crumbling church where a couple is being charged and sentenced for the crime of unlicensed conception…

The Kid – Sometimes being a high school teacher can literally drive you crazy.

The Journey – A special unborn child contemplates the path to the womb…

The Red Purse – A man in a hurry has his plans sidetracked by a girl being mugged in the alley behind him

Welcome to Paradise – A girl returns from college to the small town she grew up in where a local farmhouse has a sinister legacy…



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