A Note to the Majority from a Minority

I spent two years living in Orlando during graduate school, the first half living with a girlfriend and the second half living with a long-time platonic friend named Tina who served as my social life revivalist after said girlfriend and I broke up. Tina—as outgoing a person as a blonde freckled white woman in FloridaContinue reading “A Note to the Majority from a Minority”

I Grew Up a Privileged Black Man

The night Obama won his first term, I was living in Tallahassee, working towards my BA at FSU and in the midst of applying to grad programs. I remember that night perfectly for a couple of positive reasons (first time I’d seen anybody who looked even remotely like me in the office of highest powerContinue reading “I Grew Up a Privileged Black Man”

Music and Mental (in)Stability

Haven’t written on here in so long I barely even know how this whole blogging thing works anymore. [taps mic] This thing on? Anyways… Hello Internet. How are you? That’s cool. Me? I’m doing alright actually, which is interesting considering the circumstances. However, though I’m doing alright at the moment, I’m doing that kind ofContinue reading “Music and Mental (in)Stability”