Music and Mental (in)Stability

Haven’t written on here in so long I barely even know how this whole blogging thing works anymore. [taps mic] This thing on? Anyways… Hello Internet. How are you? That’s cool. Me? I’m doing alright actually, which is interesting considering the circumstances. However, though I’m doing alright at the moment, I’m doing that kind ofContinue reading “Music and Mental (in)Stability”

Why All Good Teachers are Psychopaths

I hated English (the class, not the language) for most of my academic life, up until I was about 16/17 years old. And when I say hate, I don’t mean in the way kids “hate” having to go to bed, or “hate” the overall idea of studying. I mean, I fucking hated English. Despite the fact that I’dContinue reading “Why All Good Teachers are Psychopaths”

To Go or Not To Go: The College Gamble

When I look back on the progression of myself as a writer and academic, I can honestly say I didn’t choose any of this, which makes it a lot easier to justify the semester after semester of courses and the years of nomadic moving tendencies and the student loans and the general career hang-ups and–ITContinue reading “To Go or Not To Go: The College Gamble”