A.E. Singles

This One Time Back in ’04: story about some dudes having a shitty encounter with the cops on the beach

A.E.: the name, Autonomous Entity

Two Oh Two Oh: last year sucked (and I wrote this before the riots)

Them: story about a guy trying to mind his own business when people start messing with him

The Other Day: last year sucked (wrote this one after the riots)

Morning Coffee: recreated a portion of Malcolm X’s “Ballot or the Bullet” speech, so if you’re familiar with that you can guess the subject matter. If you’re not, click here

Windin: this is the first single from my upcoming album Summer 04 EP (out July 2nd), and it takes place in the middle of the story when the main characters are at the club and see a girl that one of them has a crush on.

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