Friday the 13th

Not so much in a ranting mood today (I know, weird…been reading too many Final Essays, mind’s all cluttered and shit) but just wanted to say a quick Happy Friday the 13th to everybody out there, not so much because it’s the 13th but more because it’s Friday and Fridays are the greatest invention of the modern era.

To all you students, hope Finals studying is going good and you don’t end the week by slamming your head into a wall repeatedly, which I’ll warn you will make next Finals week a lot harder (brain damage isn’t really conducive to test taking).

And to all my non-students/non-teachers:

[grumbles as he pulls up yet another student paper to grade].

Anyways, real quick, here’s what my author page on Facebook looks like:

In other words, it looks just like any other Facebook page, but it’s mine, so it’s cooler.

I’d appreciate it if you lovable individuals clicked on this link right here: [CLICK HERE] and liked the page to keep up-to-date on the shit that I post, if you’re into keeping up-to-date with shit (or even if you’re not, just do it, be smart).

Otherwise have a great weekend, cheers, blah blah blah and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…whatever that may be…