“Life after the MFA” is just called life


Former MFA classmate speaking the truth.

Originally posted on Creative Writing MFA:

Many of us wish there was a step-by-step guide for how to “adult” in a world where you might not feel ready to “adult.” The general guidelines seem to be “acquire job, spouse, family, mortgage, and be generally happy and successful,” but if you’re like me, that doesn’t seem feasible/reasonable/exciting/etc. and etc. We’re not really armed with a degree that’s going to make employers line up, right?

The only post-grad advice I can offer is my own experience. It’s a cautionary tale, and maybe there’s a lesson in here somewhere (you’ll just have to read the whole thing to figure it out!).

So, let’s start by addressing that age-old question: how do you balance your writing life and your real life post-MFA? My answer: you don’t. You don’t balance the two. You just stop writing.

When I was in the MFA program, on top of loving the community and classes…

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